Monthly Archives: November 2013

A Truly American Thanksgiving

Here at Worksman, Thanksgiving is a special time in the most traditional sense.

Our factory’s staff  is representative of the enormous cultural diversity of our home – Queens, NY.  Many are immigrants or first generation Americans who are building a better life here in America. It is story repeated time after time since our company was founded by a young Russian immigrant in 1898.

While we all celebrate our ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, on this day we bond together as Americans. Each employee, whether from Guyana, Puerto Rico, Central Africa, Jamaica, or simply “Brooklyn” or” Queens,” whether they are Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jewish, will all leave here with a turkey and all the trimmings.

Tomorrow on Thanksgiving we we will spend time with our families and give thanks for the bounty this country has bestowed upon us.

Enjoy the day.

We don’t rush things around here

This is our first blog post. Ok, we’re a little late to the game. But let’s see how fast you move when you are 115 years old. We’ve been building our bikes and trikes in New York City since 1898. So while change comes slowly around here, you can count on us sticking around.

We plan to keep you up-to-date on all the projects working their way through our factory here in Queens. The cool stuff – custom bikes, promotional/branding trikes, food vending carts and trucks and anything else our crew of talented craftsmen are working on.

Thanks for visiting.