Old school meets modern design.

bendingmachineThis is one of my favorite pieces of equipment here in the Worksman factory. It is a sheet metal folding and bending machine. It’s really old, completely manual with absolutely no electronics and weighs about as much as a city bus. We use it for all sorts of bending and folding of the stainless steel sheets we use in fabricating food vending carts, trailers and trucks, but one use is really neat.

Have you ever admired the diamond pattern “quilting” on the backsplash of the luncheonette or coffee shop you love or the exterior cladding of ¬†your favorite food vending truck or cart? Well this is the piece of equipment you need to produce that. Once upon a time, stainless steel foundries made these patterned sheets available, but alas no more. So we do it ourselves. It makes the stainless steel sheets stronger and more attractive. Which brings me to my next point: very attractive stainless steel backsplashes.

Over the years we have had the good fortune of working with several interior and furniture designers to bring their designs and visions to life in stainless steel. It’s a departure from our normal work which makes it fun and challenging. Recently two very talented designers from Austria contacted us to produce samples for a design expo here in New York City. Working with Jack Beller, our V.P. of the vending division, they ¬†designed, engineered and produced some striking samples of custom folded backsplashes (see below.)

So while we were producing bicycles and tricycles upstairs, we were creating some unique, architectural stainless steel backsplashes downstairs. Then we went back to producing ice cream and hot dog carts. All in a day’s work.





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