The Ultimate Rolling Kitchen

avion trailerWe get to do a lot of cool things here at Worksman, particularly in our Mobile Food Vending Division. We make all sorts of custom units ranging from ice cream tricycles, to mobile corn roasters, to the bar carts on Metro North and of course, lots of food trucks. Some of the trucks we have made are seen everyday on the streets of New York and other cities. Cupcake Stop, Taim Falafel, Itsy Ice Cream just to name a few. Each truck starts as a “blank canvas” (or a step-van if you will) and then our designers and craftspeople create a rolling kitchen specifically suited to the operator’s needs.

So why then, do you ask, is there a photo of a very cool retro stainless steel travel trailer on top of this post? Because we have that bad boy in our yard (actually one that looks just like it.) How it ended up there is a tale, but the bottom line is it is available for conversion. And here’s the best part: WE ARE GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE. Yeah, that’s right – free (as defined in Webster’s as “not costing any moolah, dinero, simoleans, scratch or bank.) So what’s the catch? Simple. We will give it to anybody that will let us do a full kitchen conversion. In other words, we are not used trailer salesmen. We are new mobile kitchen manufacturers. So we want to to do what we know how to do.

Let me define a full kitchen conversion. It simply means that we want to install everything you need to make it a legal vending kitchen. It may be hot or cold food, with refrigeration, freezers, fry-o-lators, grills, steam tables, stoves or whatever you need. It will probably have hot and cold running water. It could be a giant ice cream truck, or perhaps a taco shack. It can be a rolling smoothie and espresso bar or a pit BBQ where hunters will drop off the wild boar they snagged that morning and want to eat for dinner later that day. Your call.

Some specifics. The unit is 35′ long. It needs to be towed by a hefty pickup or SUV. It has doors and windows, but we can add more. It has sunshades on either side that can be replaced with custom units. And if you want to be outrageous, the entire unit can be vinyl wrapped.

So if you are a foodie with vision, this will be a glint to your eye. Call me at 718-322-2000.



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