Bikes as basic transportation – even in winter.

bikein snow

It’s been a brutal winter here in New York, as it has been in so many parts of the country. Sustained periods of weather only a polar bear could love. Still, many people rely on their bikes as their primary means of transportation. Some of these are so-called “diehards” who are committed to using their bikes as opposed to other forms of transportation. But for many others, it is their only choice. Sometimes this is dictated because of geographics, other times by economics, but usually a combination of both. It is these people – those who depend on their bike everyday – who we at Worksman keep in mind when designing bikes.

Consumer bikes make up a small percentage of our sales. Perhaps it’s a function of limited distribution. Perhaps our inability (and refusal) to compete on price vs. low-end imports sold through mass merchants. And perhaps it is because of our limited product range. We don’t make road bikes or mountain bikes. We don’t offer kid’s bikes. Just classic cruisers and roadsters (and tandems!) that we build out of steel. We stubbornly stick to traditional and costly construction methods such as hand brazing our fully lugged frames and using   wet paint instead of powdercoat. That’s just how we do it. And we do it well, creating rock-solid bikes that customers – either commercial or personal – can rely on everyday. Like those folks who ride their bikes in the snow to get to work or to school. Not because they want to ride their bike, but they need to get to where they are going.

While bikeshare programs, carbon fiber road bikes and the latest $3,000 dutch-inspired cargo bikes seem to garner all the press, we stay focused on bikes that are used for their original purpose – inexpensive, dependable transportation.

We salute all those who have ridden their bike this winter, including the 20+ employees here at Worksman who do so everyday.



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