Keeping the Bike in Bikeshare

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We’re big fans of bikeshare programs, but not of the bikes they generally use. Big, clunky beasts that  handle like  fully-laden dump trucks, theses bikes seem to be an afterthought when designing a bikeshare system. Still, they have some good design features like the low-step-over height and a geometry which allows riders of most sizes to use the bikes without having to raise/lower the handlebar. But there is much room for improvement, especially in two areas: 1) ride experience and 2) durability.

What you are looking at above is a brand new bike specifically designed for the bikeshare market. It’s a prototype (Shh!. You’re looking at sneak photos!) Here are some of it’s key features:

  • American made in Worksman’s solar-powered NYC factory
  • Steel frame for ultimate ride comfort
  • Extensive use of alloy throughout
  • Forged, one-piece cranks
  • Worksman proprietary alloy rolled clincher rims w/ 11 gauge spokes
  • Designed for one-speed rear coaster brake or 3-speed rear fully-enclosed hub brake
  • Front fully-enclosed hub brake w/dynamo
  • Integrated basket/handlebar unit or choice of handlebar/basket set-up
  • Will have fully-enclosed chaingaurd and wheel skirts (not shown)
  • Fat, hi-profile tires for stable handling and shock absorption
  • Can be used with any racking system (traditional or electronic) and any Smartbike Technology
  • Weight: +/- 44 lbs. depending on selected componentry

Now about those two areas we set out to improve:

  1. Ride experience: The bike’s steel frame soaks up the bumps, lumps and road shock of city streets (where bikeshare programs live.) Its short wheelbase make for extremely nimble handling and a nice tall riding position. One spin on this beauty and you’ll be wishing your bikeshare would retire their current fleet!
  2. Durability: Well, we have been the world leader in Industrial Cycles for over 100 years so we know a bit about making tough cycles. This new bike has inherited great genes (and components). Massive 1.5″ steel frame tubing, fully-lugged and hand-welded construction, our legendary rolled clincher (motorcycle-style) rims with 11 gauge spokes and solid, forged one-piece cranks are just the start. Simply put, this bike is the toughest kid on the block.

So here’s your part: what else would you like to see on a bikeshare bike?  We’d love to hear from you!Rear45LR

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