Bikes and Butterballs

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Here at Worksman Cycle, Thanksgiving is a special time in the most traditional sense.

Our factory’s staff  is representative of the enormous cultural diversity of our home – Queens, NY.  Many are immigrants or first generation Americans who are building a better life here in America. It is story repeated time after time since our company was founded by a young Russian immigrant in 1898.

While we celebrate our ethnic, religious and cultural diversity throughout the year, on this day we bond together as Americans. Each employee, whether originally from Guyana, Puerto Rico, Central Africa, Jamaica, or Brooklyn or Queens, whether they are Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jewish, will all leave here today with a Butterball turkey and all the trimmings.

This Thursday and Friday we take a pause from work to spend time with our families and give thanks for the bounty this country has bestowed upon us.

Enjoy the day.

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