One Horse & Five Bikes on a Humanitarian Mission

Austin Horse

To earn your living as a NYC bike messenger it helps to have nerves of steel, an acute awareness of the dangers around you, and a laser like focus on getting where you need to go quickly and in one piece. Those qualities, along with the ability to ride a bicycle at ridiculous speeds, has made Austin Horse (on the right in the photo above) a legend among NYC bike messengers.  A two-time North American Cycle Courier champion and member of the Red Bull Racing team, Austin simply stares down danger and pedals past. Then he repeats the process time and time again.

Austin is now delivering perhaps his most important parcel ever – -hope. This Veteran’s Day Austin picked up five bicycles here at Worksman Cycles (and two kid’s bikes from the great folks at Recycle-A-Bicycle) and headed off to deliver them to displaced refugees who have fled the devastating violence in Syria.  Austin will visit Jordan and then Lebanon. His plan is to establish a pipeline to bring hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of bikes to these displaced people who have not only lost their home, but their livelihood. He knows, as a person who has made a living on a bike, that mobility equals opportunity. A bike allows a person to get to work to help provide for a family. A bike can also be used to access supplies so a person can ply their trade. Bikes provide access, which in turn provides income,  which can then start (pardon the pun) a cycle of hope.

We are proud of many of the products we produce here at Worksman. Many have great stories. But some stick out. Likewise, we have sold bikes and trikes to many cool folks who have used our products in all sorts of ventures. But some stick out.

Good luck Austin as you to take the ride of your life. And thanks for letting us be part of it.

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